This map highlights in red Stephen's state of origin: Pennsylvania.

This map highlights Greensburg county in PA where Stephen enlisted for the army.

Pennsylvania made many valuable contributions to World War II. They were leading producer of coal and steel during the war. Pennsylvanian citizens operated the factories and helped to collect scraps of metal and rubber to donate to the cause. Like the rest of the nation, Pennsylvania experienced food shortages due to food being sent across seas, so people planted Victory Gardens to sustain themselves during times of hardship.

This drawing depicts the rapid increase in steel production from 1940-1945. As you can see, indicated by the key in the lower left-hand corner and the tall white pillar,  Pennsylvania had an exponential increase in steel production during Stephen's lifetime.

Above is a poster advertising for Victory Gardens during WWII, implying that with each citizen's effort the Allies could win the war.

In addition to the thriving steel industry, Pennsylvania helped the military as well. There are currently two Army Bases and two Navy bases in PA. The Carlisle Barracks is the second-oldest base in PA. Other bases include the Tobyhanna Army Depot Base, the Letterkenny Army Depot Base, and the New Cumberland Army Depot Base. These bases (with the exception of the Letterkenny Depot Army Base which was established in 1942), were all established prior to WWII. Also, During Stephen’s enlistment in 1943, right here in Cumberland County, there was a secret POW camp operating in what is now the Michaux State Forest. In addition to providing essential materials for the war, Pennsylvanian military intelligence officers interrogated German and Japanese prisoners for information on the Axis Powers’ development of new weaponry.

This is a painting of the secret POW camp operating during Stephen's enlistment overseas, done by a German prisoner living in the camp.

This is a sign describing the POW camp located in the Michaux State Forest. The sign states that the camp was operational starting in 1943, a year after Stephen enlisted in the army.

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